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Professional and technical team, has a wealth of industry experience

Ningbo Zhongde high long Pml Precision Mechanism Ltd as centerless grinding machine manufacturers, the company has always been the spirit of "high precision, heavy cutting, combining automatic integration of" production and management philosophy, with excellent technology and the best casting production first-class grinding machine, more effort into product development and improvement, to provide the best solution for the customer grinding to meet the needs of customers, quality first.

Strong technical strength, to provide customers with one-stop grinder centerless solution

High precision Ningbo German high long Pml Precision Mechanism Ltd production, heavy cutting CNC centerless grinding machine is the only one in the field of mortise can reach the precision and accuracy of the cutter feed 0.0001mm standard in ceramics, output speed of 8000 /h, the stability of positive and negative 0.0001mm wave.

Strong technical strength, to provide customers with one-stop grinder centerless solution

Ningbo Zhongde high long Pml Precision Mechanism Ltd has always been adhering to the "make better products, the core value of the pursuit of first-class customer service service" concept, adhere to the "excellence, the pursuit of excellence" of the enterprise mission, together with the new and old customers to create a win-win situation。

We will sincerely hope friends from all walks of life at home and abroad to visit the guide, to discuss cooperation, and seek common hongye.

About usAbout usTo meet customer demand

    Ningbo Zhongde high Long Guan Lu Pml Precision Mechanism Ltd is located in Ningbo City, Zhenhai Economic Development Zone No. 999, is a professional engaged in R & D, production, manufacturing, maintenance, customer service as one of the Integrated Company, the company introduced the advanced production technology in Germany and centerless grinder advanced production technology, specializing in the production of high precision, heavy cutting, CNC dynamic high precision centerless grinder with the pressure of high-tech enterprises. Company under the leadership of general manager Chen Wengao, a group of experienced, skilled design experts and technical backbone. After years of centerless grinder development and improvement work, and towards automation, diversified development. The main products are high precision centerless grinder, high precision dynamic and static centerless grinder, high-precision CNC centerless grinder.


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